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A Flute

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A Flute PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Download A Flute PowerPoint Presentation Slides Read More

Tags : A Flute

Published on : Jun 04, 2015
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Slide 1 - The Flute By Amanda Phipps
Slide 2 - History of the flute Theobald Boehm 1794-1881 Credited with creating the modern flute Made many versions, finally came up with silver flute we know today
Slide 3 - Many types of boehm flutes
Slide 4 - Types of flutes Fipple Flute Piccolo Alto Flute Bass flute
Slide 5 - History cont. Flutes have been a part of wars and ceremonies throughout time. Have also been found in Egyptian tomb paintings.
Slide 6 - What is a flute? A hollow tube that lacks a read and is blown in a way that makes the air inside vibrate. Played by blowing air into a hole. The air vibrates inside, creating sound.
Slide 7 - PLAYING THE FLUTE Using a good embouchure, or shaping of the lips and mouth, is crucial to playing the flute. “poo”
Slide 8 - maintaining the Flute Storing: should be put in case properly Clean with a damp silver-polishing cloth.
Slide 9 - ME :]