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View and free download A Adolf Hitler powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active user in belonging ppt presentation News & Politics category.

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A Adolf Hitler | politics | political leaders | leaders

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A Adolf Hitler PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : View and free download A Adolf Hitler powerpoint presentation which is uploaded by search an active ... Read More

Tags : A Adolf Hitler | politics | political leaders | leaders

Published on : Feb 10, 2014
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Slide 1 - Adolf Hitler Life and rise to power
Slide 2 - The Life of Adolf Hitler Born 1889 died 1945 born in Brunau, Upper Austria father-minor customs official mother-Bavarian in his Youth-loved Art and Music drops out of Secondary Education Vienna Academy of Arts rejects him
Slide 3 - Hitler 1906-1913 Supports himself selling prints, postcards, hanging wallpaper While in Vienna-absorbs the characteristics of the lower middle class intense anti-Semitism, fear of Socialism, German nationalism (sacred German Blood and Soil as preached by Richard Wagner)-Aryan Race
Slide 4 - Migration to Germany World War I-enlists in a Bavarian Regiment decorated for bravery twice promoted to Lance Corporal (Private First Class in US Army) becomes the 7th member of the ultranationalist and anti-Democratic German Workers Party-renamed The Nationalist Socialist German Workers-(Nazi) Hitler in WWI
Slide 5 - Leader of the Party Great orator especially with War veterans, Nationalist who hated the Weimar Republic who were blamed for the treaty Origins of the Nazi Party- along military lines-Storm Troopers-Brown Shirts 1923-attempts to seize control of the Bavarian Government in Munich-The Beer Hall Putsch-fails sent to fortress Landberg to prison
Slide 6 - In Prison Trial is a Farce sent to prison for 10 years-spends 9 months there while in prison, dictates to Rudolph Hess-Mein Kampf (My Struggle) outlines the program for German restoration and domination of Europe while in jail-Nazi power declines-economic difficulties 1923-1929-he extends party through Germany
Slide 7 - The Depression and beyond 1929-Depression hits refuels the fire the Nazi rise in Reichstag to near majority Nazi constantly disrupted and shut down 1932-Hitler is defeated by
Slide 8 - Hitler takes power January 30, 1933 Hitler appointed Chancellor gets unprecedented powers from Reichstag begins organization of a Totalitarian regime-The Third Reich (The Third Empire) 1934-von Hindenburg dies Hitler combines Reichpresident and Chancellor positions to become Der Fuhrer