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2013 Border Security Economic Opportunity and Immigration PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 08, 2015

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  • Slide 1 - 2013 Border Security, Economic Opportunity and Immigration Modernization Act: The Dream Act Ruth Kostohris, Kaylee Kruschke, Marissa Jurik, Hairong Lin, Emnet Fikru, Steve Owen, Tessa Buschmann, Phoua Thao, Samantha Mascari, Kathleen Kittridge, Cassy VanDeurzen, Hannah Zuercher
  • Slide 2 - The Federal Dream Act Provides a pathway for citizenship for illegal immigrants Under 16 when they entered the country Earned a high school diploma or GED in US At least 2 years of college OR 4 years in the US Military “Have maintained good moral character while in conditional resident status.” Background check required Outstanding students Deported students could apply to reenter the US Prior to 2012 Not deported for criminal reasons Age limit increased to 35 years, as opposed to previous Dream act which provided for only those under the age of 29
  • Slide 3 - Criticism of the Dream Act Steve Chapman of the Chicago Tribune notes that many Republicans are opposed to the Dream act on the grounds that it will increase state taxes to accommodate the in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. Seattle Post notes that republicans fear that illegal immigrants will receive preferential treatment for financial aid over United States citizens. Marco Rubio, Florida senator (Republican) declared that the Dream Act is simply “The wrong way to do the right thing.” (Fox News)
  • Slide 4 - Support of the Dream Act America’s Voice states that that by these students going to college and then participating in the American economy the “dreamers” would not be a drain, but rather benefit the United States “Dreamers” would provide a greater pool of enthusiastic military recruits. It is not right to punish children for the actions of their parents, nor is it right to limit their potential. “The dream act symbolizes what it means to be an American. It’s about opportunity, it’s about the future.” - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, 2010
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