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The Assertive Communication Approach PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Feb 10, 2014

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The Assertive Communication Approach
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - Assertive Communication Approach : the right way to communicate
  • Slide 2 - It is a healthy and respectful way to understand each other and find solutions that are flexible and desirable for all involved. It is okay : to say: "I cannot do that." or "I don't know.“ to ask questions. to challenge others´ opinions . to seek alternatives. Assertive Communication Definition
  • Slide 3 - How often do you catch yourself saying to someone Don't worry, I'll take care of it." or “Yes”, even when your plate is already too full and you really do not want to do what is being asked?
  • Slide 4 - Ways to Communicate Examples Aggressive Communication: "This is what you're going to do and you have no say in the matter.“ Passive Communication: "Whatever you say, I'll do it whether I want to or not.“ Assertive Communication: "I know that this is important to you. It is also important to me. Let's figure out some options that are fair to both of us.“
  • Slide 5 - Saying Yes If you continuously say "yes" when you want and need to say "no", chances are you have excessive people pleasing tendencies without regard or respect for yourself.
  • Slide 6 - Saying No You feel guilty for setting boundaries and saying no. Basically, you want to seek the approval of others. But unfortunately, you tend to feel taken advantage of.
  • Slide 7 - Avoiding Respecting Yourself If you do not address your needs and do not tactfully assert yourself, your frustrations and hurt will build resentment within you, which will lead to increased stress and burnout.
  • Slide 8 - What is the Best Approach ?? You must choose what is best for you without being: Self-centered, insubordinate or disrespectful of others. Saying "no" or "not now" is not selfish.
  • Slide 9 - A Fair Approach for Assertive Communication Choosing well (saying “No” or “Yes” is necessary and a right you have from our Choice Power. Once you decide to find the courage to speak up, you have to use assertive communication skills to respect your needs and the feelings of others.
  • Slide 10 - Assertive Communication Conclusion Once you decide to find the courage to speak up, you have to use assertive communication skills to respect your needs and the feelings of others.
  • Slide 11 - Thank You Reference : www.licoreis.com
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Description : View and download royalty free Assertive Communication PowerPoint Presentation. This is a sample presentation that includes information about Assertive Communication Approach,what is Assertive Communication,different Assertive Communication and more.

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