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Download Role Models In Sports PowerPoint Presentation

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Download Role Models In Sports powerpoint presentation, know more about Role Models In Sports with this ppt slides

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Role Models In Sports PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Download Role Models In Sports powerpoint presentation, know more about Role Models In Sports with t... Read More

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Published on : Feb 20, 2018
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Role Models In Sports
Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Role Models in Sports
Slide 2 - Thesis To inform the class on the impact of Role models in sport.
Slide 3 - What is a role model? A person who serves as a model in a particular behavioral or social role for another person to emulate. “ It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not deserve them.“ …….Mark Twain
Slide 4 - Good Role Models Respect Charity Confidence, not arrogance Good Decision making Apologize and admit mistakes
Slide 5 - Examples of Good Role Models
Slide 6 - Bad Role Models Steroids Swearing Poor Sport Domestic Abuse Drug Use
Slide 7 - Examples of Bad Role Models
Slide 8 - Interview Q’s What does an athlete do to become a good role model? Do you have any sports Role Models?
Slide 9 - Mr. Watkins A. Work hard; Play hard; remember it is just a game; Not make excuses when things go wrong; jump back in when down & work harder. A. Hines Ward; Roy Williams (Coach); Brett Favre
Slide 10 - Mr. Jankowski A. They live their life in a way which supports their dedication to their family, religion, and society as a whole. No sports role model. Someone should not be a role model because of their athletic prowess alone.
Slide 11 - Mr. Gresh A. I don’t think they need to do anything. People who enjoy their sport or appreciate what they are able to do should be respected. A. Michael Jordan – leadership Lebron James – Ability, leadership
Slide 12 - Mr. Kreisher A. – Be aware of the image they portray; Promote leadership through action; Be responsible; Give back to others. A. – Jim Kelly; Don Bebee; Brad Butler; Ken Hampe; Frank Jankowski
Slide 13 - Coach Hampe A. Shows good qualities; Confidence; Not afraid to be unique; Dedication; Modesty; Charity A. Dan Gamble and Cael Sanderson.
Slide 14 - Statistics Out of Ten People 8 said they had a role model in sports. 2 said they didn’t.
Slide 15 - In Your Opinion Are these good or bad Role Models? Who is your Sports Role Model?
Slide 16 - Thank You