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This is a type of LASER

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Copper Vepor LASER PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : This is a type of LASER Read More

Tags : laser

Published on : Mar 26, 2019
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Copper Vepor LASER
Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Copper Vapour LASER (GAS LASER) Submitted By- NAVEEN SINGH JSS Academy of Technical Education ,Noida Submitted To- Dr. Richa Verma Dept. of Physics JSS Academy of Technical Education ,Noida
Slide 2 - Contents :- Introduction Characteristics Construction Working Applications
Slide 3 - Introduction:- The Copper Vepour Laser (CVL) is three level gas laser which uses vapours of copper atom as the active medium. It produces green laser light at 510.6 nm and yellow laser light at 578.2 nm. The laser has excellent power stability, good beam quality, and a long operational lifetime. It also has several characteristics that are useful for precision micromachining, and laser cutting applications.
Slide 4 - Characteristics of Cu-vepour Laser:- Type: - Gas laser Active Medium:- Cu Atom as Active Medium Wave Length:- 510 nm and 578 nm Level:- 3-level laser Mode:- Pulsed Pumping:- Electrical Pumping Operational Operating Temp. :-1650 0 C Efficiency:- Super Radiant Laser Power range:- 25 W to more than 2KW
Slide 5 - Construction:-
Slide 6 - 1. The Copper vapour laser uses vaporized copper atom as the lasing medium. 2. It consists of a refractory ceramic discharge tube with windows at both ends. 3. The tube diameter is 10-30 mm having length of the order of 1 to 3 m. 4. It is filled with an inert gas, usually neon and a small amount of pure copper metal in the form of copper pellets. 5. Copper vapours are created in high concentration at temperature higher than the melting point of Copper(~1083 0C)
Slide 7 - Working:-
Slide 8 - 1. A high voltage pulse is applied to the electrodes at the ends of the tube create an electric breakdown in the gas. 2. The high voltage pulses applied to the electrodes cause the accelerated electrons to collide with the copper vapour molecules exciting them into one of the two available high laser energy levels, 2P3/2 and 2P1/2. 3. The excited atoms fall from P to D levels giving rise to laser lines at 5106 Å and 5782 Å .The electrons in 2P3/2 level decay to lower 2D6/2. 4. Laser level producing green laser light at a wavelength of 5106 Á and the transition from 2P1/2 to the 2D3/2level produces yellow laser light at a wavelength of 5182 Å.
Slide 9 - Applications:- 1. Used as pump source for Dye Laser. 2. High Speed Photography. 3. Used for identifying Fingerprint. 4. Used in Holography, Television etc.
Slide 10 - Thanking You