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This is atype of Laser. This is Gas Laser

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laser | Gas laser

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CO2 LASER PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : This is atype of Laser. This is Gas Laser Read More

Tags : laser | Gas laser

Published on : Mar 26, 2019
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Slide 2 - INTRODUCTION The CO2 laser was the earliest gas laser invented in 1964 by Kumar Patel at Bell Labs in the United States. It was soon adopted by plastic surgeons around by the world as the best form of treatment for skin resurfacing Over the years . It produces a beam of infrared light with the principal wavelength bands centering around 9.6 and 10.6 micrometers. Electric discharge method is used for pumping and achieving population inversion . It is four level molecular gas laser system. It is very important laser due to its high efficiency and high power continuous wave capacity.
Slide 3 - Principle of CO2 LASER For the laser action two points are important one is the population inversion between the two levels and second increase density of the incident radiation . The principle of a CO2 laser is transition between vibrational states of the same electrons state by achieving population inversion between these states . The co2 molecules consist of two oxygen atoms and a carbon atom between them . These molecules undergo three different types of vibrational oscillations called as vibrational modes.
Slide 4 - There are three normal virabtion in CO2 MOLECULE 1-The asymmetric stretch mode . Oxygen Carbon Oxygen
Slide 5 - 2- the bending mode . Oxygen Carbon Oxygen 3-The symmetric stretch mode . Oxygen Carbon Oxygen
Slide 6 - CONSTRUCTION OF CO2 LASER It is consist of discharge tube of size about 2.5 cm in diameter and 5.0 cm in length . Two optically plane and parallel mirrors . The discharge tube is filled with a mixture of carbon dioxide , nitrogen and helium gases in the ratio 1:2:3 with vapors . Pressure maintained are about P(for HE =7 torr), P(for N2=1.2 torr), P(for CO2=0.33 torr) . A high Value of dc voltage is used for electric discharge in the tube due to which CO2 molecules breaks into CO and O.
Slide 7 - To maintain the equilibrium of CO2 molecules , a small amount of water is added to regenerates the CO2 molecules .
Slide 8 - WORKING OF CO2 LASER The vibrational and rotational modes of the CO2 cannot be excited themselves by photons. When a voltage is placed across the gas , electrons collide with the N2 molecules and excite them to their lowest vibrational levels . These vibrational levels happen to be at an energy very close to the energy of the asymmetric states in the CO2 molecule .
Slide 9 - Now , the excited N2 molecules populate the asymmetric vibrational states in the CO2 molecule through collisions .
Slide 10 - APPLICATIONS OF CO2 LASER CO2 gas lasers are used in eye and tissue surgery. They are also used in welding , cutting and heart treatment of materials . This laser is used in military for range finding using LIDAR techniques. They are also used in skin surgery. This laser is used in laser fusion and beam weapons .
Slide 11 - ADVANTAGE OF CO2 LASER It has high absorption for common materials . Long Rayleigh length for thicker materials . It is Rapidly used in material processing . It is cheaper than other laser for industry . Resolution is acceptable with shorter focal length .
Slide 12 - DRAWBACKS OF CO2 LASER Lower power density. Different focal length needed for thickness for applications . Larger focal spot –needed to account for beam radius for accurate cuts . Larger high voltage tube . Has one mode of operation (CW). Cannot process IR reflecting materials .
Slide 13 - THANK YOU