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Utilitarianism in business ethics

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Utilitarianism | business ethics

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Utilitarianism in business ethics PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Utilitarianism in business ethics Read More

Tags : Utilitarianism | business ethics

Published on : Apr 01, 2019
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Utilitarianism in business ethics
Presentation Transcript

Slide 1 - Utilitarianism in business ethics
Slide 2 - “the Greatest good for the greatest number”- J. S. Mill and Jeremy bentham Utilitarianism determines whether action is good or bad A morally right action is guided by results of each action which you should predict. Good equals happiness and pleasure(self-satisfaction), bad=pain Justice is one important aspect of morality. Justify your actions. We must act so that the expected or likely happiness is as great as possible. Utilitarianism is not egoism!
Slide 3 - So, how do we apply utilitarianism to business decision making?
Slide 4 - first, remember that utilitarianism only considers the consequences of an action.
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Slide 7 - Not quite! Utilitarianism has its limits
Slide 8 - Majority>Minority
Slide 9 - It means that the interests of minority will be cancelled out by benefits to majority.
Slide 10 - Thanks for the listening