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6 Harmful Industrial Pollution Effects Impacting our Environment PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Sep 01, 2016

In : Science & Technology

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6 Harmful Industrial Pollution Effects Impacting our Environment
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - 6 Harmful Industrial Pollution Effects Impacting our Environment By JNB Laboratories
  • Slide 2 - Industrial pollution contaminates natural resources of usable water such as rivers, seas, etc., releases harmful airborne toxins and destroys the soil quality affecting the agriculture sector. Major environmental disasters have been triggered due to some of the most common industrial wastage mishaps and carelessness. Now let’s individually examine the major harmful effects industrial pollution tends to put on our environment is detail.
  • Slide 3 - Water Pollution The effects of industrial pollution are potent enough to affect our eco-system for many upcoming years. Today water is a huge asset in almost all of the industrial and manufacturing work. During the industrial process, water comes into contact with heavy metals, radioactive elements waste, toxic chemicals and even organic sludge.
  • Slide 4 - The resultant product is disposed in open seas and oceans. As a result the amount of this industrial waste in our daily use is high enough to affect our health immune system and eco-system negatively. The same water is also used for fertilization and agricultural purposes by farmers that tend to generate natural eatables which are rather toxic. However water pollution can be minimized as the industrial wastewater treatments processes are capable enough to recycle the water for further industrial uses.
  • Slide 5 - Air Pollution It is extremely difficult not to get caught in air pollution and the harm it poses especially for those residing in urban areas. Polluted air we inhale every second contains harmful carbon, nitrogen and sulfur oxide gases and other organic compounds that affects our lungs and nervous system. With more and more industries opening on every scale of operation, the impact of air pollution is raising its concentration in the atmosphere all the time.
  • Slide 6 - Soil Pollution Soil pollution has a direct impact on agriculture by decaying the essential soil nutrients and land. This pollution is especially chronic for people who come in direct contact with their exposed hands such as farmers.
  • Slide 7 - Wildlife Endangerment Apart from affecting the natural mechanisms and lifestyle of human beings, industrial pollution also rips off wildlife from their normal habitat severally. Animal diets are getting contaminated resulting in the extinction or endangerment of some species as it is getting harder to pull environment back up after each natural disaster. Critical accidents like oil spills, radioactive waste leakage, wild fires pouring harmful gases in atmosphere, are very difficult to clean up as their impact on environment is quite high to be removed in a short time.
  • Slide 8 - Global Warming With industrial pollution on constant rise, the impact is proportional to the steady rise of global warming. The increase is facilitated by the release of smoke and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Melting of arctic glaciers and ice, extinction of aquatic animals such as polar bears, natural disasters like floods, hurricanes, and tsunamis are some of the many effects of global warming.
  • Slide 9 - Health Issues Air and waterborne diseases are easily carried by industrial pollution. It comes to no surprise how many people today get affected from pneumoconiosis, silicosis, tuberculosis, skin diseases, etc. from polluted intakes rather than from natural causes.
  • Slide 10 - Thank you for spending your quality time here. We will appreciate your suggestions and feedback. Stay connected with us through our contact information below. Address: JJNB Laboratories LLC PO Box 882 Newtown, PA 18940 Phone: 215-485-0226 Website: http://www.jnblabs.com

Description : Industrial pollution which is generated from waste products takes many faces to appear and hurts our environment in different ways. This informative presentation shared on the behalf of JNB Labs. http://www.jnblabs.com

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