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Ppt Presentation on Xerophytes which is created by IC Smith and available for free download Xerophytes powerpoint presentation.

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Xerophytes PowerPoint Presentation

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Description : Ppt Presentation on Xerophytes which is created by IC Smith and available for free download Xerophyt... Read More

Tags : Xerophytes

Published on : Aug 18, 2018
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Slide 2 - Aims of the session: Take measurements of leaves + see if xerophytes have a different pattern of mass loss Learn about the adaptations xerophytes have See what type of question they can ask about xerophytes (and be able to answer it)
Slide 3 - Plant adaptations to habitats Plants in different habitats possess different adaptations: Mesophytes: Plants adapted to a habitat with adequate water Xerophytes: Plants adapted to a dry habitat Halophytes: Plants adapted to a salty habitat Hydrophytes: Plants adapted to a freshwater habitat
Slide 4 - Hydrophyte: Leaf undersurface of the tree fern. Extremely high number of stomata per unit in a species living in tropic cloud forests where is very moist.
Slide 5 - Stomata sunken in pits creates local humidity/decreases exposure to air currents; Presence of hairs creates local humidity next to leaf/decreases exposure to air currents by reducing flow around stomata; Thick waxy cuticle makes more waterproof impermeable to water; Xerophytes possess some or all of these adaptations to prevent excessive water loss
Slide 6 - Xerophytes possess some or all of these adaptations to prevent excessive water loss cont. Stomata on inside of rolled leaf creates local humidity/decreases exposure to air currents because water vapour evaporates into air space rather than atmosphere e.g. British Marram grass Fewer stomata decreases transpiration as this is where water is lost;
Slide 7 - Xerophyte adaptations summary:
Slide 8 - All Cacti are xerophytes
Slide 9 - Left and right Epidermis of the cactus Rhipsalis dissimilis. Left: View of the epidermis surface. The crater-shaped depressions with a guard cell each at their base can be seen. Right: X-section through the epidermis & underlying tissues. The guard cells are countersunk, the cuticle is thickened. These are classic xerophyte adaptations.
Slide 10 - Transverse Section Through Leaf of Xerophytic Plant
Slide 12 - Marram grass possesses: rolled leaves, leaf hairs and sunken stomata. These adaptations make it resistant to dry conditions and of course sand-dunes which drain very quickly retain very little water.
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Slide 18 - BYB3 June 2001 Question 8 part c
Slide 19 - BYB3 June 2001 Question 8 part c ANSWERS
Slide 20 - BYB3 Jan 2002 Question 6 part c
Slide 21 - BYB3 Jan 2002 Question 6 part c ANSWERS
Slide 22 - This PowerPoint was kindly donated to is home to over a thousand PowerPoint's submitted by teachers. This is a completely free site and requires no registration. Please visit and I hope it will help in your teaching.