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Time Management Skills PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Jan 29, 2014

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Time Management Skills
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 2 - What is Management Management is a process of successful completion of the task in a specified time period by optimum utilization of available resources.
  • Slide 3 - Function of Management
  • Slide 4 - Planning : Planning is the core area of all the functions of management. It is the foundation upon which the other three areas should be build.
  • Slide 5 - Organizing : Getting organized is the second function of management. Management must organize all its resources in order to implement the course of action it determined in the planning process.
  • Slide 6 - Directing : The third function of management is directing. Through directing, management is able to influence and oversee the behavior of the staff in achieving the company's goals, as well as assisting them in accomplishing their own personal or career goals. Effective communication is vital in maintaining a productive working environment, building positive interpersonal relationships, and problem solving.
  • Slide 7 - Controlling : Controlling is the last of the four functions of management. Through controlling, management is able to identify any potential problems and take the necessary preventative measures. Management is also able to identify any developing problems that need to be addressed through corrective action.
  • Slide 8 - What is Time ? Time is the most valuable thing of this planet. Time is money and money is ……
  • Slide 9 - Value of Time Value of Your Time = Your Income / Working Hours
  • Slide 10 - 8 Principles of Time Management
  • Slide 12 - Do work in your prime time The person whose target is working 8 hour in a day will not get success. While the person who is doing 8 work will get more success. Prepare time Table
  • Slide 13 - D-O I-T N-O-W ! Once you decide on a plan and are focused, just do it now.  Keep track of your progress Leave time for fun
  • Slide 14 - There is a lot of time wasted each day, which can be put to better uses. There are changes you can make to effectively increase the time you have at your disposal every day. You should at the same time plan your time well, not waste it on useless matters, do everything you can at the best of your ability, never procrastinate, act with discipline and focus on what you are doing.
  • Slide 15 - Thank YOU
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