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Stress & Depression in Student PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Feb 10, 2014

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Stress & Depression in Student
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - Stress / Depression & Suicide in students
  • Slide 2 - “Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.”
  • Slide 3 - Statistics from the NCRB NCRB – National Crime Records Bureau Youngsters committed suicide due to failure in exams across the country. Most students who commit suicides are in high school & intermediate level where they feel the stress is as its worst. Even 3 – 6 months before their examinations, children start showing signs of Anxiety, Sleep Disorders, Diet Disorders and so on….
  • Slide 4 - In 2006, 5857 students committed suicide across India due to exam stress. India has the highest suicide rate in the world. Suicide in India
  • Slide 5 - 17% of students in grades 9 – 12 have seriously considered suicide in the past 12 months. Up to 9,00,000 youths planned suicide during worst or most recent episode of major depression.
  • Slide 6 - Feelings of helplessness & hopelessness Anxiety & Agitation Lack of Options 85% of teens do not reveal ideation Individual Factors
  • Slide 7 - Previous suicide attempts (largest predictor) Sudden increase in moodiness , withdrawal, or isolation. Major change in eating or sleeping habits. Feelings of hopelessness, guilt, worthlessness or rejection. Poor control over behavior. Impulsive, aggressive behavior, uncontrolled anger. Drop in quality of school performance or interest. Lack of interest in usual activity. Warning Signs Self-loathing, self-hatred Ending close relationships.
  • Slide 8 - If suspected contact any of the following : Parent Counselor School Psychologist School Administrator
  • Slide 9 - The Counselor will: Call Parents to inform them of the situation Collaborate with the appropriate sources to assure that the student is SAFE…..
  • Slide 10 - A Parent or Guardian MUST be connected
  • Slide 11 - Thank you
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