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Hard Disk Types PowerPoint Presentation

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balaramchava By : balaramchava

On : Sep 21, 2016

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Hard Disk Types
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - HARD DISK DRIVES Power by Balaram
  • Slide 2 - HDD mostly use to store your data and programs in a computer. It secondary storage device. It is stored in 0 or 1 It is permanent storage used to pc. It is introduced by IBM in 1954 Now a days HDD 10GB 20GB 40GB 80GB 160GB 300GB available.
  • Slide 3 - MAIN COMPONENTS OF HDD Disk platter Stepper motor Spindle motor Red and write head Arm
  • Slide 4 - DISK PLATTER The platter is made up of magnetic material in the flat diskpart of the drive. The data stored in the platter. New hardware technology use the film metals and glass platters,To increase efficiency and drive storage capacity.
  • Slide 5 - STEPPER MOTOR It is used for controlling read/write head position. It’s used +12v power,But new low power drives use +5v power
  • Slide 6 - SPINDLE MOTOR Its control the platter It’s rotates at a speed of 3600 to 10,000 rpm All platters moving same direction.
  • Slide 7 - READ AND WRITE HEAD The heads read and write the information to the drive platter
  • Slide 8 - HEAD ARM It is used for read and write operations
  • Slide 10 - TRACK The HDD is divided into no of concentric circles is called track
  • Slide 11 - SECTOR Data storage area in one track ,multiple divided into multiple block is called sector. Each sector can have 512 bytes of the data
  • Slide 12 - CYLINDER A set of corresponding tracks in all slides of a hard disk is called cylinder.
  • Slide 13 - PARTITION FOR HDD Primary partition Extended partition Logical partition Active partition
  • Slide 14 - PRIMARY PARTITION Windows os must be located in a primary partition. Only primary partitions can be used to boot the operating system. EXTENDED PARTITION A hard disk may contain only one extended partition. It can be subdivided into multiple logical partitions.
  • Slide 15 - LOGICAL PARTITION Linux operating system can be installed into ( and run from logical partitions) ACTIVE PARTITION Only one partition on a computer can be set as an active partition. Ex: If you are using Microsoft windows the partition that contains windows is the drive partition.
  • Slide 16 - TYPES OF HARD DISKS IDE : Integrated Drive Electronics.IDE drives are also known as PATA drives ( Parallel advance technology attachment ) SATA : Serial advance technology attachment. SCSI : Small Computer System Interface. SAS : Serial Attached SCSI. SSD :Solid state drive
  • Slide 17 - I DE (Integrated Drive Electronics Drive ) IDE/PATA Drives have usually 40 pins. IDE/PATA Drives offer 133 MB/sec transfer rate. It sends 8 bit data at a time.
  • Slide 18 - SATA (Serial Advance Technology Attachment Drive) SATA Drives have usually 7 pins, 4 pins in pair of two for sending and receiving data and rest 3 pins are grounded. SATA Drives offers generally 300MB/sec transfer rate. It sends data bit by bit.
  • Slide 19 - SCSI (Small Computer System Interface Drive) SCSI Drives have usually 50 to 68 pins. SCSI Drive offers generally 640MB/sec transfer rate.
  • Slide 20 - SAS(Serial Attached SCSI Drive) SAS Drives generally offers 805 MB/sec transfer rate.
  • Slide 21 - SSD (Solid state drive) Like it is a memory stick,there are no moving parts to an SSD. Information stores in microchips. Generally its use write speed 200mb/s and up to 550mb/s. It is up to 30% faster than HDD.
  • Slide 22 - External Drives
  • Slide 23 - Hard disk file size & capacity system:
  • Slide 24 - THANK YOU!
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