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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Car PowerPoint Presentation

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On : Aug 04, 2016

In : Automobiles

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4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Car
Presentation Transcript

  • Slide 1 - 4 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Used Car
  • Slide 2 - So now that you have done the basic things required before selecting and buying a used car such as checking your affordability, availability of used cars, reading reviews and vehicle history reports, and contacting the seller. It’s time to go for further and more practical considerations to assist you in your decision making. Let’s examine what other steps you need before locking your purchase decision. Take the car for a test-drive A test-drive is done that helps you in deciding whether the condition of this car is worth buying for. Try to drive as you would per your normal driving patterns. If you are more of highway-route driver, take the car safely up to at least 65 mph. if your drive most often involves mountainous areas, test the ride on steep slopes. After test-drive, ask the car owner or dealer to get you the service records that provides information whether the scheduled maintenances of the vehicle have been done on time. It’s obvious anyone should avoid buying a car involved in a major accident or had some serious repairs such as valve jobs, transmission rebuilds, engine overhauls, etc.
  • Slide 3 - Get a car inspection If you are satisfied with test-drive, have it inspected before actual negotiation. It is better to have a pre-purchase inspection that will save you a great deal of pockets rather than having to spend thousands of dollars afterwards. Take the car to an experienced mechanic for detailed inspection or you can also request for a mobile inspection. Usually, private parties do not put much of an argument to this matter, whereas, the case becomes more difficult if a dealership is involved. However if it is a CPO car, then you don’t need a mechanic as the car already comes legally inspected and certified.
  • Slide 4 - Have the best negotiation The negotiation stage is fairly easy and smooth in case of private parties sellers. Whereas, negotiating with a used-car showroom or salesman can be difficult and require much more effort to get the best deal. Some of the basic negotiation tips are: • Enter negotiations only with those parties whom you are comfortable with. • Always decide is advance how high can you reach in the price, and leave the deal once you have reached the limit. • Being prepared to walk out any time is the strongest negotiation tool. • Stay patient in planning the negotiation time. Give around an hour to a dealership, and less time if it is a private seller. • Be smart enough to not getting distracted by dealer’s alluring pitches offering items such as anti-theft devices, extended warrantied, etc.
  • Slide 5 - Close the deal If you have opted a dealership, then the deal will be completed at Finance & Insurance (F&I) office. Whereas, if you are negotiating with a private party seller, then the deal normally closes by you paying the amount and the seller transferring the title and registration to you. In either case, always make sure the deal is properly closed so that you do not get into after-sale future troubles. Also that you should have the insurance of the car you have bought before you take it out on road. Review the dealership sales contract closely. In most states it contains the vehicle cost, documentation fee, sales tax, license fee, etc. If the deal is closed with a private party, pay the amount in cash or through a cashier’s check. But before completing the money transaction, ask the seller to sign the title and hand it over to you.
  • Slide 6 - This presentation made by Action Auto Services inc. and you can contact us through our information. Contact Us Call us: 224-801-6094 Website: http://actionautoservicesinc.com Address: 646-648 E. Northwest Hwy Palatine, IL 60067

Description : In this presentation you will find about what steps you need to take before locking your purchase decision for a used car. http://actionautoservicesinc.com/cars-for-sale/

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